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Entry and rules

Entry fee:  $35.00 per stable
Entry due by April 25th
Space is limited and entrants are accepted by first come, first serve.  We can comfortably hold 40 entrants and will cap it at that!


I am trying to make this show as easy to enter as possible.  Here is the entry outline:
*To enter this show, simply send an email to:  with the word "Tom- live show" in the subject line and your name/address and interest in entering in the email body.  I will reply with availability or not --- if there is availability you can then send your entry fee either by PayPal or snail mail.  Viola! you are entered. 
*No entry list needed day of show.  Bring what you want!
*Stable limit is 40 horses total for entire show.  There is no "per class" limit per stable -- you can enter all 40 horses in one class if you like and they are eligible.  I consider this most fair for those for specialize in a certain breed, scale, etc.  If you have 34 tradtional scale Arabian stallion resins you may enter all those in the same class as long as he is eligible. 
*Each horse should have a tag attached to one of it's legs.  On this tag you will want the horses name, breed and gender on one side.  On the other side please use your three initials or full name.  PLEASE print clearly and use large print so it is easy to read.  Since we will have a scribe I thought this was the easiest showing method.   
*Sorry, no refunds on entry fees.
*The day of the show I will have a waiver of liability for each entrant to sign and hand in before the show starts.  If you are a youth exhibitor under the age of 18 please notify me of this before the show deadline so I can get one of these mailed to you for your parent/guardian to sign.
*Please, no radios, televisions, etc. in showhall.  I also discourage children attending, however, if they do have to attend you must accept that they and their actions are your responsibility.
*Poor sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated.  Anyone entrant considered unsportsmanslike will be asked to leave show hall immediately. 
*Management is not responsible for any potential breakage, loss or theft to property.  Please use common sense when in public with your valueable. 
*All first and second placers in classes 1-24 (both divisions) will receive NAN cards.  The breed sub-division will receive green cards and all other sub-divisions will receive a yellow (non-breed) NAN card. 
*Placings are 1st - 6th in each individual class.  First and second placers in each class will come back for their respective Champion/Reserve Championship in their division as shown in the Classlist.  Full results will be emailed to each entrant following the show. 
*Each entrant gets their own 6' table.  Tables not assigned, will leave that upto the entrants to get the tables where their friends can sit near them.  First come, first serve ... it pays to be on time!  If you are late you will not have much selection as to what table you get, you'll get the one nobody else wants! 
*Limit of 40 showers, altho if someone wants to show via Proxy that will not count towards "table count".  Proxy showers must secure their own shower and are responsible for paying a seperate entry fee.

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